segunda-feira, 5 de março de 2012

músicas que crescem

Everything is quiet 
There, in a pool of light 
I would have sworn that she had died 
I'm telling you 

In all that i will say 
In every move i'll make 
You'll see that i don't fake Even if i wanted to 

She passed it on to me 

She walked into my life 
The ridiculous and sublime 
Beneath the lowered sky 
She fell in love 

And passed it on to me 

I threw it all away 
Like a record that you don't play 
And all the hurt i saved 
Well, time had come 

I passed it on to her 

Do you realize 
Do you realize 
To look into her eyes 
And to let her go 

To pass it on to him 

Now everything was quiet 
I would have sworn that she had died 
And i didn't even try.... 

(Was it bad timing?) 
Now all you want to hear 
Is everything you fear 
So don't you come too near 

Cause everything you need 
You'll get from her

Felt a tremor stir beneath my breath
That forecasts storms on the gallup poll
Woke up from the nightmare news
Hoping to read a sign in the morning air

Nothing changes here and nothing improves
All say my friends who just want out
And leave these troubles behind
Scatter like paper in the eye of the storm
Documented with a silenced note
That's only heard from far, far away

More cards in play, following suit
Everywhere you look, you only see red
Wonder when to call off the race
Watching a horse running down its last legs
Just when you think it couldn't get much worse
Watch the numbers rise on the death toll
And the chimes of freedom flash and fade
Only heard from far, far away

I hear you can't trust in your own
Now the grey is broken in the early morn
And the words forming barely have a voice
It's just your heart that's breaking without choice

Everything you've learned is distorted in your head
Bouncing off the walls, unraveling the thread
Staying up with the blue screen glow
Forgetting everything you ever dreamed years ago

When the dread is flowing down my veins
I want to tear it all down and build it up again
Tear it all down and build it up again
Hear your heart that's breaking without choice
I want to hear those chimes ring again
Ring again

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