quinta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2020

The Clementines - Calm down

Hey Mister, Mister Man
Sure things are getting out of hand
There are no more rooms left to fill the gloom
Caring is an heirloom we can't afford to lose
Calm down
Calm down
Mister Man
No more pointing fingers
Calm down
Oh, calm down

Hey Madam, Madamoiselle
Don't mean to sound like a sudden greyhound
Not saying I'm a saint, but the world has gone insane
Excuse is a luxury we can't buy every day
Calm down
Calm down

There's a place for anger
Not here (now calm down)

1 comentário:

Megy Maia disse...

Musica muito calma e deliciosa.
Sorrisos de calmaria.
Megy Maia