domingo, 25 de setembro de 2016

Peter Wolf Crier - Hard as Nails

Hard smiles Softest voice
Toes they touch the carpet steps
Out the door into the breasts
of you
Vagrant Queen...
Show my hands to warmest touch
Whispering as you dress me up a new bride
to be
Down the isle our side walk calls
A clergy of empty cars
Cold night
Silent priest

Clearing cracks walking tall
Promise you the moon and stars
climbing rooftops of shopping malls
Big you Little me
Sharing tricks and secret trades through the fields
Where shadows play their games
A toast to youth upon the school unto the halls
Write our names upon the walls

Our flag flying free
Our land not to keep

Bare feet, maroon soles leading us back to my room
Behind the shed I offer you my name but you refuse

Kindly watch over me mary mother saint to be

Kindly watch over me mary mother saint to be

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