sexta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2012

Landeg White - Tattoo (to the sound of Greek bagpipes)

chegado pela mão virtual da  ana luísa

Poem released for the date of the combative Nov 14 general strike called for the entire southern european area.

Today, the Greek Government
executed by firing squad
1000 pensioners, along
with 2000 workers, as part
of a package of financial
reforms, to reassure
the markets and permit
the Troika to release one
more tranch of the bail-out.

How one feels for the victims
In all this, the bankers
criminalised, shorn
of bonuses, the markets
bearish, nervous as
kittens, the green back,
the pound, the tsunami-
floating yen, scurrying
between time-sealed

vaults and safe-havens,
exposed to the sniping
of credit default swaps
as Molotov cocktails
rain down relentlessly
from Fitch’s, Moody’s,
and S.& P.’s. Will
the friendly Troika
contrive fresh reforms?

Will our young friend,
the euro, be vaporised?
Growth is a must, come
what may, be it 3000
health workers hung,
drawn and quartered,
4000 firemen burned
at the stake, even
the odd politician garrotted.

2 comentários:

Unknown disse...

O nosso dia vai chegar. E teremos tudo.

fernando machado silva disse...

pode ser que sim, posso é já não estar vivo por essa altura, infelizmente